1/ You have installed the Joomla Custom Fields Search package.

2/ You have published the Module.

3/ You have created at least one custom field. (Follow this tuto if you don't know

 For any custom field, you can create a search entry into the module.


New Custom Field

Let's say that we have created a CF named Price to add a price to article.



New Custom Field Search element

Create a new Custom Field Search entry

From admin panal, go to Component > Custom Fields Search

Create a new element and fill mandatories fields :


Label : Search field label in the module form.

Description : Search field description in the module form.

CSS Class : CSS Class, if you want to add client side validation (

Custom Field : Lists all available custom fields in Joomla content.

Display Mode : The way you want to display the search field. You can choose custom and write your own display mode using standard JField ( or custom one (

Query Operation : Choose the corresponding search query operator you want to use.

Module : Select the module instance(s) in which you want to display this field. If empty, the field will be displayed in all CFS search module.

Status : Publish state


CFS module rendering

Now you can see the Price search with the picked options :

Display : Range (Min/Max)

And if you make a search it will search with the choosen picked option :

Query Operation : Between